Most Recent Tap Tests

Horizontal Tapping with A-32 FlexArm

Horizontal Tapping on an A-32 Pneumatic Arm

See how easy it is to set up your A-32 Pneumatic Tapping Arm to tap in horizontal positions.
Tapping aluminum extrusion with the A32 FlexArm

Taking Tapping Operations Offline to Tap Aluminum Extrusions

See how one manufacturer will increase productivity by using a FlexArm instead of their CNC to tap aluminum extrusions in a matter of seconds.
tapping cast iron part with a flexarm

Tapping Cast Iron Parts Horizontally & Vertically

See how one manufacturer will stop breaking taps by using a FlexArm to horizontally and vertically tap hard cast iron parts.
2 inch aluminum with tapped holes

Tapping 1/2″ and 3/4″ Holes into 2″ Thick Aluminum

See how a hydraulic tapping arm compares to a pnuematic tapping arm when tapping 1/2" and 3/4" holes into 2" thick aluminum.
Tapping NPT Threads Stainless Steel Tubing

Tapping 1/8″ NPT Threads in Stainless Steel Tubing

Watch the video of this application at the bottom of the page. An end user out of Trotwood, Ohio recently reached out to us because they wanted an...

What Are Tap Tests?

A Tap Test is exactly what the name says: you send us your parts, and we test them out using a FlexArm solution to see how we can improve your process. Tap Tests are absolutely free of charge, so send us your parts today!


Ditching the Drill Press for a FlexArm to Tap Aluminum Extrusions

See why this facade contractor will be using a FlexArm instead of a drill press to tap their aluminum extrusions quicker and more efficiently.

Tapping Vertical & Horizontal in Heat-Treated Alloy Steel with a FlexArm

Watch a GHM-60 Hydraulic FlexArm easily tap 1 1/4" holes in heat-treated alloy steel both vertically and horizontally with the multi-position head.

See How Easy It Is To Tap & Chamfer Holes Off OMAX Waterjet With a FlexArm

A prospect reached out to us because they were interested in trying out one of our tapping arms. PowerBuilt Material Handling Solutions,...

TAP TEST: Steel Clevis with Special Fixturing

Watch the FlexArm Hydraulic Tapping arm tap a 1 1/4" hole in a steel clevis part with special fixturing.

Tapping Titanium 3D Printed Parts Offline

Tangible Solutions was tired of breaking taps and were ready to free up the CNC for other parts, so they're tapping offline with a FlexArm tapping arm.

Tapping Laser-Cut Holes in Stainless Steel

A potential customer wanted to know whether or not a FlexArm tapping arm could tap some laser-cut holes in stainless steel, so they sent in their parts for us to perform a tap test. As you can tell, the GH-18 Hydraulic FlexArm had no problem with these holes.

7/8″ Full Torque Tap in Blind Holes in Angled Parts

A prospect was looking to free up their 5-axis machines by tapping offline. They are tapping into aluminum with a 7/8" full torque tap, while also tapping at 10.5- and 15-degree angles.

Chasing Threads With A 3″ Tap

In this Tap Test, we tested out the GH-60 Hydraulic Tapping Arm for Flexitallic by chasing threads in some huge nuts with a 3" tap.

Finding Quick and Efficient Solution to Thread T-Nuts

Finding the best and most efficient solution to thread T-Nuts to help with TE-CO's manufacturing process.

Tapping Messer Plasma Cut Holes

Some people told us that it'd be impossible to tap a plasma cut hole with a hydraulic FlexArm tapping solution. Not so fast, friend.

Tapping Holes Made By Flow Waterjet

Watch the GH-18 Hydraulic FlexArm unit tap holes in 3/8 aluminum off of the Flow Mach 500 waterjet machine.

Tap Test: Different Sized Nuts with the FlexArm Hydraulic Unit

We had a customer send in some nuts for us to tap, so we put the GH-60 Hydraulic FlexArm tapping solution to the test.

Horizontal Tapping 1/4″ – 20 / 0.75″ Deep


1 7/8″ ACME Thread Using GHM-60 Hydraulic Arm


3/4″ NPT Tap in Plastic Drip Tray

Joe performed a tap test for a potential client using a 3/4" tap on a plastic drip tray for an industrial size...

1 1/2″ NPT Tap Into 2″ Stainless Steel

Tyler had a customer call in wondering how our GH-60 Hydraulic Tapping arm can handle tapping into a 2" block of stainless...

Tapping Small Holes in Titanium Is a Breeze with FlexArm Tapping Arm

Learn how RockRabbit Guitars will cut their machine time in half by tapping 18 holes in their titanium part with a FlexArm instead of thread milling.

Tapping Engine Blocks for Paccar Engine Company

Watch how easy it is for the pneumatic A-32 FlexArm tapping arm to tap these engine blocks for Paccar Engine Company.

Plastic Tap Test with A-32 400 RPM