What Is Robotics in Manufacturing?

About READY Robotics

Created from cutting-edge robotics research at Johns Hopkins University, the focus of READY Robotics has always been on building things. Manufacturing is what they do. That's why the partnership with FlexArm is a perfect fit.

With the Robotics in Manufacturing video series, you will see an in-depth look how FlexArm is integrating robotics into our manufacturing processes. With the increased efficiency of the robot, FlexArm is able to justify the integration even though it is still small-scale manufacturing.

Latest Episodes of Robotics in Manufacturing

READY Robot sitting in new FlexArm | FlexCNC shop

Moving the Robot to Our New Building

In Episode 19 of Robotics in Manufacturing, Cyler goes over how easy it was to move our READY Robotics robot from our old shop to the new state-of-the-art FlexArm | FlexCNC headquarters.
READY Robot tending 5-axis

Robot Fully Tending the 5-Axis

In Episode 14 of Robotics in Manufacturing, our robot is tending our 5-axis machine by loading and then unloading the finished part in the unload bin.
READY Robotics Tending 5 Axis Haas CNC

Final Robot Preparations Before Tending 5-Axis

In Episode 13 of Robotics in Manufacturing, we are nearing the final steps before we have our robot tending our 5-axis machine and running parts.

Adjustability and Low Setup Time With a Robot In Your Shop

In Episode 12 of Robotics in Manufacturing, we address one major concern that companies often have when deciding to implement robotics in their shop.

MYTH BUSTED: Robots in Manufacturing Must Run High Quantity Jobs

Often times, people think that a robot in the machine shop is only justified if you are running tens of thousands of parts (or more). That couldn't be further from the truth. https://youtu.be/WeSMraD3usE
End of Arm Tooling on READY Robot

End of Arm Tooling on the Robot

In this week's episode of Robotics in Manufacturing, Cyler is going over the end of arm tooling that we have integrated with our robot in the shop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT2uKEKmios

Actuating 3 Machine Components with the Robot

In Episode 3 of Robotics in Manufacturing, Cyler goes into detail on how we are actuating three machine components with our robot.
Scaling for Success with Robotics in Manufacturing

Scaling for Success with Robotics in Manufacturing

In Episode 2 of Robotics in Manufacturing, Nick and Cyler go over how FlexArm is scaling for success by implementing READY Robotics into our shop.

Welcome to Robotics in Manfacturing

Here's a look at the journey FlexArm will be taking to implement robotics in small-scale manufacturing thanks to a partnership with READY Robotics.

READY Forge/Station R5 Operating a FlexArm