Fireside Chats with FlexArm are our collection of interviews regarding the entire manufacturing industry--and sometimes even more. From business owners to managers to influencers, Fireside Chats is Flex Machine Tools' way of providing entertainment and (hopefully) some industry knowledge all wrapped into one.

Recent Interviews

Nick Kennedy John Saunders NYC CNC

John Saunders (“NYC CNC”) Interview

Episode 3 of Fireside Chats features John Saunders, otherwise known as "NYC CNC" on YouTube. Him and Nick talk about the NYC CNC story and entrepreneurship.

Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here

In episode 2 of Fireside Chats, Nick Kennedy (President of FlexArm) sits down with Stephen Barga to talk about the history and growth of the company.
Adam Booth Abom79 FlexArm

Abom79 Interview

An exclusive interview with Adam Booth, a.k.a. "Abom79", as we discuss machining, the start of his YouTube channel and its rising popularity, and more.

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