FlexArm Ergonomic Problem Solving Series

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Torque Reaction Arm Atlas Copco Nutrunner

Torque Reaction Solution for Pistol Grip Nut Runner

Check out this custom ergonomic solution of a G-30 FlexArm that counterbalances a 25-pound pistol grip nutrunner with an Atlas Copco reaction plate.
FlexArm Part Manipulator Arm PM-22S

One Ergonomic Arm to Lift Two Different Parts (155 & 40 lbs)

This Ergonomic Solutions features the FlexArm PM-22 Part Manipulator arm that was custom designed to be able to lift two different parts.
B19-RG FlexArm with air rammer

Achieving Complete Range of Motion with Air Rammer Tool

See how the FlexArm B-19-RG torque reaction arm counterbalances an air rammer tool while giving the operator complete range of motion.

Customized B-19 Torque Reaction Arm

See how we customized one of our standard B-19 pneumatic counterbalance arms to extend the reach and height for our customer to horizontally use an inline tool.

Handling a 92-lb Part (Horizontal to Vertical)

A customer needed to take a part from a box on the floor and change it from a horizontal to a vertical position with a power rotation.


Edge Banding Tool Solution – Zero Gravity

Reduce workplace wrist injuries with FlexArm Part Manipulator solutions. The example in this video is from a customer that had to use...

Custom Part Manipulator with 7 Ft. Pedestal

We had a customer that needed to load/unload 50 lb tubes but only had limited space to install a part manipulator arm. Here's the solution that the FlexArm engineering team came up with to solve this issue.

Ball Bearing Insertion – Very Unique Application

This week in the Ergonomic Problem Solving Series we had a customer that was manually inserting ball bearings on a roller table, so we came up with a solution using our Part Manipulator and custom end effector.

Part Manipulator Solution for 30-lb Part with Extra Vertical Stroke

See the ergonomic solution that FlexArm came up with for this customer that had to lift a 30-lb part with extra vertical stroke.

Incredible Reach with 7″/9″ Angle Grinder on B19-RG

In this week's episode of Ergonomic Problem Solving, Jeff goes over an application that has a 7"/9" angle grinder mounted on our B19-RG arm to achieve a huge range of motion while using the tool.