FlexArm Die Grinding Unit

The FlexArm Die Grinding Arm allows precision die repair in a fraction of the time. It is engineered to maintain perpendicularity at any horizontal or vertical location.


FlexArm Die Grinder Units

  • Arm maintains perpendicularity at any horizontal or vertical position
  • Reach of up to 76″
  • Optional magnetic bases available for both arm models for maximum portability
  • Advances a toolmaker’s skills by 10+ years
  • Piloted carbide deburring tool allows for precise removal of weld



Working Range of 14-42"


Working Range of 22-67"


Horizontal Grinder Attachment

Conveniently switch the Die Grinder from vertical to horizontal grinding while maintaining perpendicularity.

Carbine Piloted Deburring Tool

Provides gradual, controlled material removal of weldments, flashings, or other excess materials without damage to the base work piece.

Magnet Base with Flange Mount

Increase your arm's mobility with the magnetic base mount option. Quickly move your FlexArm from location to location with a quick flip of a lever.

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What Others Are Saying

As Mentioned In The Fabricator

“With the [FlexArm], grinding skills don’t have to be as good because the tool takes that up for you; you just got better at grinding. It improves the individual’s skill set by 10 years. Now a guy who’s been in the trade only five or six years can produce the same quality work as a guy who’s been doing it for 30."

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