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A customer was looking for a solution that would allow them to pick up 3 different gas tanks varying in size and weight. The heaviest tank is 50 pounds, so the PM-32 (part manipulator) was chosen for this application. The same end effector will be used to pick up 3 different gas tanks, so a combination of the two vacuum grippers is used for each tank. 

One of the grippers can rotate allowing it to conform to the body of a long tank. This gripper can also rotate out of the way during applications where only one gripper is needed. The customer will be using this part manipulator to take tanks from a conveyor to a tight shipping rack with low overhead clearance.

The box is approximately the size and weight of one of the gas tanks the arm will be lifting.

This will allow them to easily hold the weight of the tank and reach to the back of the rack to set the tank down. This will help reduce neck, back, and shoulder strain for the user. 

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