How to Extend Drill Life

Blog Live Demos July 22, 2020

Drill Sharpener Youtube Live with DAREX FlexSwag Giveaway Included in the Live Stream  Watch our Live stream event featuring drill sharpening with the Darex! See how much we have reduced tooling cost by using the Darex. Watch as we demonstrate how to properly sharpen each drill to give it the best life expectancy. Tune in and

How to Tap Small Holes with the FlexArm

Tapping small holes can be a challenge. You are guaranteed to break taps whether you tap by hand, with a cordless drill, or in a CNC machine. However, the FlexArm makes tapping easy, and is the best tool when it comes to small hole tapping.   To demonstrate the capability of the FlexArm we chose

4th Axis Demo on the FlexCNC

Watch Our Live 4th Axis Demo on the FlexCNC! Watch as we drill into steel tubing, and demonstrate how the 4th axis works. See how current FlexCNC customers are using the 4th axis on their parts. See why the FlexCNC is the best Machining Center for Fabricators .

Blind Hole Tapping

Blind Hole Tapping Youtube Live with CNC Cookbook Register to win a $100 OSG Tap Giveaway  Join us for a joint Live stream event with CNC Cookbook featuring blind hole tapping! We will be blind hole tapping in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with the A-32 Pneumatic arm and the GH-45 Hydraulic Arm.  Watch as

FlexBeam Demo

FlexBeam Live Demos June 4, 2020

Watch our live introduction of our newest line the FlexBeam. Watch as we go over the machine and demonstrate its capabilities with an I-beam drilling demo. Watch us and see how the FlexBeam can benefit your shop.  https://youtu.be/9teOVXm3pAk Get a live behind the scenes look as we get ready for our next demo. Watch Now