Milling Demo on the FlexCNC

FlexCNC Milling Demo  00:20 – 2″ Milling Rougher 07:47 – Large Drill 08:14 – Counter-bore 08:44 – Slot 10:19 – End Mill Finisher – Perimeter, Counter-bore, Slot 14:13 – Chamfer/Debur 15:18 – Finished Part Overview Learn More

FlexCNC Counterbore Application

This video demonstrates the machining of multiple counterbores by quickly roughing it out first and then finishing with an end mill. The part holds a .0007 tolerance for each 1.500” diameter counterbore .500” deep in steel.

FlexCNC Time Analysis – Milling Hardened Grinder Blade

FlexCNC Time Analysis April 30, 2020

Shops are always on the lookout for ways to continually improve the way they operate. Decreasing cycle times and scrap rates can help save costs and allow the business to take on more jobs. These shops can improve cycle times by adjusting speeds and feeds or using specialized tools to dramatically reduce cycle times. This

FlexCNC Training Testimonial

FlexCNC Testimonials March 20, 2020

Fabricators looking for a way to increase efficiency and speed up operations can achieve this with the FlexCNC. The long bed allows for the machining of long and/or large parts. While we understand the reluctance to move to numerically controlled machining, FlexCNC gives businesses the tools needed to successfully run the machine. The FlexCNC training

FlexCNC Pendulum Mode

FlexCNC Videos March 20, 2020

See how Pendulum Mode allows you to run multiple setups at a time by keeping your operator busy and your machine running with 100% spindle uptime.