FlexCNC Counterbore Application

This video demonstrates the machining of multiple counterbores by quickly roughing it out first and then finishing with an end mill. The part holds a .0007 tolerance for each 1.500” diameter counterbore .500” deep in steel.

How to Set Tooling Speeds Feeds on the FlexCNC

FlexCNC Training June 1, 2020

https://youtu.be/bif-dnrTEfI This video goes over the below formula to help you quickly set speeds and feeds for your tools to run them in your CNC.  How to set tool RPM Formula: Ex: 4 Flute .5” Solid Carbide End Mill  3.82 X (Surface Feet Minute) / Diameter of Tool = RPM Surface Feet Minute (SFM) –

FlexCNC Part Setup

FlexCNC Training June 1, 2020

Easy Part Setup on the FlexCNC  In this video you will learn How to set tool lengths when putting a new tool into the FlexCNC Carousel How to easily set up a work offset or zero point X&Y plane manually using an inexpensive edge finder How to easily set up Z work offset manually How