Blind Hole Tapping

Blind Hole Tapping Youtube Live with CNC Cookbook Register to win a $100 OSG Tap Giveaway  Join us for a Live stream event featuring blind hole  tapping! We will be blind hole tapping in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with the A-32 Pneumatic arm and the GH-45 Hydraulic Arm.  Watch as we demonstrate how to

What is a Beam Drill Line?

Blog FlexBeam June 23, 2020

What is a Beam Drill Line?   Beam drill lines are important tools in medium to large-sized structural fabrication shops. Beam drill lines accurately drill holes in a variety of steel profiles at different lengths with CNC controlled programming. These machines eliminate the need to manually chalk or layout the positions and produce the hole

FlexArm Balancing Arm

Handheld grinders are powerful tools used in just about every metalworking environment. It is cumbersome and tiring work that puts considerable strain on the user. In a time where companies cannot afford lost time due to injuries, ergonomic solutions are now more important than ever.

Lifting 4 Different Parts with the PM-44S Part Manipulator

Blog Part Manipulator April 30, 2020

This application utilizes a custom “C-clamp” style gripper paired with a PM 44-S to lift and manipulate a customer’s parts. The custom gripper is designed to grip 4 different parts, all of which are long and slender. Some of the parts had rectangular cross-sections, while others were cylindrical. All of the parts are 3 to

Lifting Heavy Parts with the PM-33A Part Manipulator

Blog Part Manipulator April 30, 2020

FlexArm’s manipulator arms are a great solution for eliminating the strain caused by lifting heavy loads or reaching into an enclosed area. This specific application helps the assembly process of an industrial fan manufacturer. FlexArm created an end effector to pick up motors with the PM-33A model arm. Before investing in a FlexArm, the customer

Eliminate Two-Person Lifting with the PM-22A Part Manipulator

Blog Part Manipulator March 25, 2020

This application features FlexArm’s PM-22A model arm with a custom end effector that utilizes a long-stroke pneumatic gripper to pick up 6 different parts. This solution eliminates the customer’s current “buddy lift” protocol, making a two-person operation easily and efficiently accomplished by one. The weight of the parts ranges from 60-90 lbs. The controls for

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions for Your Problems

Blog December 2, 2019

With everything we do, we aim to offer YOU an innovative manufacturing solution to your problems. Whether you’re struggling with material handling, safety, skilled labor shortages, or maybe the painful process of incorporating the latest automation. Or simply just managing your sales leads…. Our products are high quality, easy to use, and provide proven solutions.

3D Printing in Manufacturing

Blog September 24, 2019

Learn how 3D printing has been implemented into the manufacturing process at FlexArm | FlexCNC for prototypes and custom end effectors.