Mobile PM-RNR

Mobile Lifting Solution for a 25 lb. Part

See how one customer will save money by using a mobile FlexArm Part Manipulator for multiple workstations.

R&B Wagner Inc. Testimonial

R&B Wagner Inc. wanted to find the best way to fixture and machine long parts. See how they are using the FlexCNC to save time and money in their shop.
Flow Drilling on the FlexCNC

Sentry Equipment Testimonial

Sentry Equipment utilizes their FlexCNC for flow drilling, milling, and form tapping NPT holes. See why the FlexCNC is an essential machine in their plant.
Drilling into Pipe with the CNC

Felker Bros. Reduced Drilling Time by 50 Percent with the FlexCNC

Learn how the Felker Bros. saved time and increased productivity by combining multiple steps into one process on the FlexCNC.

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions for Your Problems

With everything we do, we aim to offer YOU an innovative manufacturing solution to your problems. Whether you’re struggling with material handling, safety, skilled labor shortages, or maybe the painful process of incorporating the latest automation. Or simply just managing your sales leads…. Our products are high quality, easy to use, and provide proven solutions. Tell me your manufacturing problems and we will solve them. Comment below and let us know what you're struggling with! Flex Machine Tools solves manufacturing...

See FlexArm | FlexCNC at FABTECH Booth A3254

FlexArm | FlexCNC will be exhibiting at FABTECH in Booth A3254 this year, November 11 - 14. On the FlexArm side, we will have our GH-18 and GH-45 Hydraulic Tapping Arms on display, and will be running demonstrations of how easy it is to tap 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 1 1/2". https://youtu.be/ZhXglcx-BQY For the FlexCNC, we'll have our 20' x 2' C-Series FlexCNC vertical machining center and will be running demos to...
FlexArm Ribbot Cutting 2019 Wapakoneta OH

How Many Holes Can You Tap in 5 Minutes?

A recap of the 2019 Open House "For The Record" at FlexArm, as well as their attempt at breaking the world record for most holes tapped in 5 minutes.
FlexArm External Threading

How To Cut External Threading Time While Maintaining Precise Quality

Eliminate extra time spent external threading by hand or in the lathe with a FlexArm solution that guarantees perpendicularity and precise accuracy.
3D Printer at FlexArm

3D Printing in Manufacturing

Learn how 3D printing has been implemented into the manufacturing process at FlexArm | FlexCNC for prototypes and custom end effectors.

Tapping with a Pneumatic vs. Hydraulic Arm: Choosing the Right Solution

FlexArm offers two main types of tapping arms: pneumatic and hydraulic-driven. But the question is, which one is better? Well, it depends on your situation.
Drilling with Fosdick Radial Drill Press

Time Study: Radial Drill Press vs. FlexCNC

See how quickly the FlexCNC can drill 1 1/2" holes compared to a standard radial drill press.
Tapping Small Titanium Parts with FlexArm A-32

Tapping Small Holes in Titanium Is a Breeze with FlexArm Tapping Arm

Learn how RockRabbit Guitars will cut their machine time in half by tapping 18 holes in their titanium part with a FlexArm instead of thread milling.

The Nitty Gritty on Torque Reaction Arms

Learn all about FlexArm torque reaction arms and how great the ergonomic benefits are of using them.